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Circle Digital Marketing Agency has become the Best Digital Marketing Agency in Rajshahi now because of their effortful and target oriented digital marketing strategy in the city. We are a 360 Degree Digital Multimedia Marketing Agency that elevates company and brand images beyond commonly perceived horizons. With marketing, leadership and business transformation expertise, The Circle Digital is passionate about making it easier for enterprises to adapt to the changing dynamics impacting industries and brands today. Our unique capabilities optimize customer experience with strategies that enable brands to remain relevant and meaningful.

Royal Raj Hotel and Condominium, the main lodging offering the conveniences and accommodation of a 4-star hotel in the district, might want to invite everyone with the hottest good tidings to the core of North Bengal and to the city of Rajshahi. Working with Royal Raj Hotel & Condominium was the most challenging task for us. They have different categories of room in their hotel. Our professional photography team worked for a day long photography session and captured many photos of the hotel room, interior, exterior etc. Royal Raj Hotel & Condominium’s every room is fully renovated to international standard. Each room Boasts luxurious amenities and toiletries for the solo traveler. Each room features with a small freezer, hot and cold water. A convenient reading table.


We represent all the services of Royal Raj Hotel & Condominium in a professional way. Our professional photography team take some raw footage of their services. For instance, some raw footage about the services shown below.


Then our professional graphics designer team design the photo in good presentable way.


According to our client requirements our professional graphics designer team turn the image into a motion graphics theme.

Enjoy the Rajshahi City’s unique skyline from Royal Raj Hotel & Condominium’s Rooftop Lounge while you enjoy the waterfall echoes from the rooftop swimming pool in Rajshahi.

Everyone gets what they want at Sajna Restaurant in Royal Raj Hotel & Condominium Which is an intentional chain, with main cuisines Bengle, Indian, Chinese, Thai & Continental Your favorite dishes are prepared a-la carte and handcrafted by our trained Chefs.

sajna-restaurent -photo-at-hotel-royal-raj

Our rooftop Sajna Cafe in Royal Raj Hotel & Condominium Which is an international chain. Here you will get all types of coffee bakery items, fast food and beverages. Always a family-friendly option the kids will find all their favorites.


SAJNA Banquet Hall in Royal Raj Hotel & Condominium, is suitable for a multi-function room which is perfect for any event. With a seating capacity of 300-500 it can be used for corporate seminar or conference, weddings, birthday parties and so on.

According to their requirements we create some cinematography for Royal Raj Hotel & Condominium. We try to represent their service through our video. Our creative team first plan the script then cinematographer capture those service footage as per script. Then our professional video editor team edit those videos as per client requirements. Here are some of our creation.